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Meeting History

Mar 24, 2015 3:30 PM  Government Operations Committee Regular Meeting

Airport Operations

Mr. Hall provided a PowerPoint presentation outlining operations at the Airport. He noted that issues are reduced enplanements, poor service reliability in two of the three destinations in the North East Corridor, higher fares in Ithaca, and Airport serviceability. Since he became Interim Director he has taken a proactive management role and is doing the following:

· Preventive Maintenance on Airfield Avionics - there has been only two hours of down time at the Airport

· Developed a responsive, web-based work schedule

· Reduced operating costs

· Revamped the Operations Center

· Developed Countywide cooperation with Department of Emergency Response and the Highway Department

Other work is being done to build better relationships with airlines through face-to-face meetings with senior executives and to write an application for a Small Community Air Service Development Grant. Mr. Hall said an overall plan for the airport will include:

· Cut Operating Costs

· Manage Proactively to reduce equipment failures

· Personally engage the airlines to look for new hubs outside the North East Corridor (Chicago and Charlotte) and find “Day of Week” options for flights to the south

· Leverage the Airport’s purchasing power (Tens of millions of travel dollars)

The Committee discussed the concerns of the current hubs being eliminated due to future preference given to larger planes that increase enplanement numbers at airports. Mr. Shinagawa asked if there are any changes in costs due to the reduced oil prices. Mr. Hall said there is not and the only means to reduce pricing would be through negotiations such as the one that took place for the Corning Airport.

De-Icing Concerns

Ms. Kiefer asked for an update on the de-icing contamination concerns. Mr. Hall said following the correspondence about the potential spill into a creek he has conducted a study of the de-icing procedures. He believes that the problem, in part, is due to the severe weather conditions experienced that prevent the polyphylene glycol from breaking down as it normally does. As an alternative solution he has also amended the de-icing procedures to reduce the amount that would be utilized. Although all de-icing procedures are within the SPEDES permit he would like to fully mitigate the situation. He also noted that a new de-icing area with a larger catch basin will be constructed that should fully resolve the matter.