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New York


Authorizing the Tompkins County Public Library to Utilize for Library Purposes the Space Formerly Occupied by the Finger Lakes Library System within the Tompkins County Library Building


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Resolution/Document Body

WHEREAS, the Tompkins County Legislature recognizes the great value of the Tompkins County Public Library (“TCPL”) in serving the varied needs of our diverse community, and


WHEREAS, for generations, Tompkins County has provided substantial support to the TCPL, both in direct and substantial financial contributions and also in the provision of high-quality, well-maintained space provided without charge, and


WHEREAS, after study of various alternatives, the County determined that the relocation of the TCPL from its facility on Cayuga Street to the former Woolworth’s Building at the intersection of Green Street and Cayuga Street would be the most cost-effective approach to maintaining a quality library that served the community’s needs, and


WHEREAS, by Resolution No. 233, dated September 28, 1998, this Legislature amended the 1998 Capital Program to purchase and renovate the Woolworth’s Building for use as the County Library, using a substantial gift from the Park Foundation to assist with the cost of acquiring and improving the property for Library purposes, and


WHEREAS, since the relocation of the TCPL to its current space on Green Street in the year 2000, the number of users of the Library has grown steadily to 430,000 users in 2013 and the scope of services and programs provided to the public has expanded significantly; and


WHEREAS, over that 15-year period, library utilization patterns have changed markedly, particularly as the digital “revolution” has become an ingrained part of our lives and culture, and


WHEREAS, after occupying the Green Street location for 15 years, the opportunities and limitations of the existing space configuration have become evident, and


WHEREAS, with the 2000 relocation of the TCPL to its current location, the County has leased a 6,112-square foot portion of the facility to the Finger Lakes Library System under a 10-year lease that was extended for five additional years in 2010, and


WHEREAS, upon due and proper notice, the Finger Lakes Library System has now relocated its operations to a facility within the Town of Dryden, leaving the space within the Library vacant, and


WHEREAS, the Finger Lakes Library System’s annual rental payment to the County was eliminated in the 2015 budget, and


WHEREAS, in keeping with the County’s intent when it acquired and improved the property for the purpose of housing the County Library, and consistent with a 2008 space study commissioned by the Library, the TCPL has a strong and vital interest in utilizing the space vacated by the Finger Lakes Library, and


WHEREAS, in furtherance of that interest, and as a means of minimizing the cost burden to the County, the TCPL Foundation has embarked on a fund-raising campaign that has raised $2.4 million to date and has a total fundraising goal of $2.75 million, and


WHEREAS, prior to proceeding with design and other work related to the use of the space vacated by the Finger Lakes Library System, the TCPL has requested an affirmation by the County Legislature that the vacated 6,112 square feet shall be made available by the County and without charge to the Tompkins County Public Library, provided that the space is used for Library purposes, and


WHEREAS, the Tompkins County Legislature wishes to provide such assurances to TCPL, now therefore be it


RESOLVED, on recommendation of the Government Operations Committee, That the Tompkins County Legislature does hereby grant the Tompkins County Public Library the authority to utilize the space formerly occupied by the Finger Lakes Library System under the same terms as the TCPL’s occupancy of the remainder of the County Library facility.