Tompkins County
New York


Authorizing a Contract with the Tompkins County Soil and Water District to Provide Interim Financial Assistance to Support Grant-Funded Conservation Efforts throughout the County


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Resolution/Document Body

WHEREAS, the mission of the Tompkins County Soil and Water Conservation District (District) is to provide assistance to citizens and units of local government in making sound decisions on the management of soil, water, and related natural resources based on their needs, and


WHEREAS, the District will further assist in the implementation of decisions by seeking and coordinating technical and financial assistance from federal, state, and local governments, and private sources, and


WHEREAS, the District applies for funds, throughout each year, on behalf of landowners and municipalities to various entities, such as New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets (NYSDAM), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other organizations to conduct Soil and Water Conservation work, and


WHEREAS, the District is projecting over $2,700,000 in expense disbursements in 2017 through these grant and programmatic funding sources, and


WHEREAS, these $2,700,000 of projected expenses are not paid for by the Tompkins County appropriation to the District in the 2017 Tompkins County Budget which cover a portion of operational expenses for the District, and


WHEREAS, the funding entities to whom the District applies for funding, typically require a “full reimbursement” process for project activities, meaning that costs must first be paid by the District, and then be reimbursed by the funding entity, and


WHEREAS, the District does not have enough funding on hand to cover up-front project costs, but must continue the coordination and implementation of critical conservation project activities, and


WHEREAS, the District has requested the assistance of Tompkins County to provide funding to support the cost of Hydrilla Project activities in the past two consecutive years (2015 and 2016), with such funding fully returned to the County as NYSDEC reimbursements for that work is received, and


WHEREAS, a similar assistance request is being sought for a broader array of conservation activities funded by “reimbursement” grants in 2017, now therefore be it


RESOLVED, on recommendation of the Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee, That he Tompkins County Legislature hereby authorizes the County Administrator to enter into a contract with the Tompkins County Soil and Water Conservation District that will provide up to $200,000 to the District for conservation project activities in 2017 and obligate the District to repay the County as reimbursements for conservation project activities are received,


RESOLVED, further, That the Director of Finance is hereby authorized and directed to advance to the District an amount not to exceed two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000), said advance to be made from the General Fund of the County,


RESOLVED, further, That the advance will be repaid to the County when the District is reimbursed by NYSDEC; the advance will be recorded in the General Fund accounting records as a Contract Agencies Receivable - Soil & Water, account number A14418730.