Tompkins County
New York


Authorizing the County Administrator to Establish a Shared-Services Panel and to Undertake the Tasks Assigned to County Chief Executive Officers by the State's Shared Services Legislation


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WHEREAS, Part BBB of Chapter 59 of the Laws of 2017 ( “Law”), commonly referred to as the "Countywide Shared-Services Initiative", requires counties to assume the lead role in the development and submission of a Shared Service Plan (“Plan”) to the State, and


WHEREAS, the Law assigns responsibility for the development of the Shared Service Plan to the Chief Executive Officer of each county, and


WHEREAS, the Law defines the Chief Executive Officer of the county as the County Executive, County Administrator, County Manager or, in the absence of one of these positions, the Chair of the County Board, and


WHEREAS, in Tompkins County the County Administrator is not an elected official, but rather is appointed by, and reports directly to, the Tompkins County Legislature, and


WHEREAS, the Law assigns tasks to the Chief Executive Officer that exceed those ordinarily delegated to an appointed official and include organizing a Shared Services Panel consisting of all mayors and supervisors of municipalities within the County, soliciting input of all collective bargaining units of Panel members, presenting a tentative Plan to the County Legislature for its review, conducting at least three public hearings, securing final approval of the Plan by the Panel, certifying savings associated with the Plan, submitting the Plan to the State, and issuing the Plan to the public, now therefore be it 


RESOLVED, That for the purposes of undertaking the Shared Services Initiative, this Legislature grants the County Administrator the authority to undertake the tasks that are delegated to him/her by Part BBB of Chapter 59 of the Laws of 2017.





Meeting History

May 2, 2017 5:30 PM Media Tompkins County Legislature Regular Meeting

Mr. Lane said this State legislation is very unusual as it directs County Administrator, Executives, and Managers to do the work of putting the panel together. In Tompkins County, the County Administrator is employed by the Legislature so he thought it was important to adopt an authorizing resolution.

Mr. John believes the legislation gives County Legislature’s a free pass and said he does not agree with the State legislation.

Ms. Chock suggested having a County Legislator on the panel. She also asked if the Legislature should require reports as this goes along.

Ms. Kiefer suggested the word “units” should be added to the last Whereas; this was excepted as friendly.

MOVER:Daniel Klein, Vice Chair
SECONDER:Glenn Morey, Member
AYES:Will Burbank, Carol Chock, James Dennis, Rich John, Anna Kelles, Dooley Kiefer, Daniel Klein, Michael Lane, Leslyn McBean-Clairborne, David McKenna, Glenn Morey, Michael Sigler, Peter Stein
AWAY:Martha Robertson