Tompkins County
New York


Resolution in Support of Providing Owner-Occupied Housing, Urging New York State to Amend the Real Property Tax Law to Allow Tompkins County the Option to Provide a Partial Exemption to Multi-Unit Residential Properties Converted to Owner-Occupied Residences


Category:Real Property


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Resolution/Document Body

WHEREAS, there is a demonstrable and critical shortage of owner-occupied housing within Tompkins County, and


WHEREAS, this Legislature has attempted to address that shortage through a number of measures, including participation with the City of Ithaca and Cornell University in the development of the Community Housing Fund, and


WHEREAS, the New York State Legislature has authorized many cities to offer an exemption for multi-family housing that was converted to single-family houses under Real Property Tax Law Section 421-‘X’, and


WHEREAS, planned development within Tompkins County will add a significant number of bedrooms over the next year that will result in a higher vacancy rate within the County, and


WHEREAS, the higher vacancy rate would allow for older subdivided and poorly maintained housing to return to an owner-occupied single-family residence with one or two units, and


WHEREAS, it is in the interest of Tompkins County to allow for this transition to happen to encourage owner-occupied homes, now therefore be it


RESOLVED, on recommendation of the Government Operations Committee, That the Tompkins County Legislature urges the New York State Legislature to amend the Real Property Tax Law by creating a new section of law that would allow Tompkins County, by local law, to grant a partial exemption equal to any increase in assessment due to the conversion of a multi-unit rental property to an owner-occupied one- or two-unit residence by foregoing any increase in assessment in year one and thereafter increasing the assessment rate by 12.5% per year,


RESOLVED, further, That the Clerk of the Legislature send copies of the resolution to Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senators James Seward, Pamela Helming, and Tom O’Mara, and Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton, and NYSAC (New York State Association of Counties).