Tompkins County
New York


Scheduling a Public Hearing for Addition to Agricultural District No. 2 (West Side of Cayuga Lake)


Department:Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality CommitteeSponsors:
Category:LandFunctions:Agriculture, Cooperative Extension

Resolution/Document Body

              WHEREAS, Resolution No. 25 of 2004 designated an annual one-month review period when landowner proposals for inclusion of viable agricultural lands within existing certified agricultural districts will be accepted for review and action by the Tompkins County Legislature, and


              WHEREAS, Resolution No. 201 of 2007 revised the schedule of the annual review period so that it begins February 1, and


              WHEREAS, Tompkins County has two (2) New York State certified agriculture districts, District 1 is on the east side of Cayuga Lake and District 2 is on the west side of Cayuga Lake, and


              WHEREAS, one landowner has requested addition of a parcel totaling 1.73 acres to Tompkins County Agricultural District 2 and no landowners have requested addition of parcels to Tompkins County Agricultural District 1, and


              WHEREAS, the County Legislature is required to hold a public hearing and act on such proposals within 120 days under New York State Agriculture District Law, now therefore be it


              RESOLVED, on recommendation of the Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee, That the public hearing on additions to the Agriculture Districts of Tompkins County be held at the County Legislature meeting scheduled for June 6, 2017, at 5:30 p.m.,


              RESOLVED, further, That the Clerk of the County Legislature is authorized to place proper notice, including tax parcel number and street address, of this public hearing in the official newspaper of the County as outlined below:

Tax Parcel: 502200  17.-1-15.34

Street Address: Brown Road, Danby



Meeting History

May 4, 2017 3:00 PM  Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee Regular Meeting

Ms. Teeter stated this request is to add a small parcel to the Ag District and the property owners already have a much larger parcel already included in the Ag District. This addition will allow access to the property from Brown Road.

Ms. Teeter spoke of the number of applications received for additions to the Ag Districts is minimal because the districts are very comprehensive. Typically, the additions are small parcels similar to this one and lands that were not being farmed and now are being put back into production.

Ms. Roth explained that land is also added during the normal eight-year review period due to the extensive review.

Ms. Chock requested an overview of the amount of land that has been used for farming and trends. Ms. Roth explained that the information can be found in the County Agriculture Plan but she can look into updating it.

MOVER:David McKenna, Member
SECONDER:Dooley Kiefer, Vice Chair
AYES:Martha Robertson, Dooley Kiefer, David McKenna, Carol Chock
EXCUSED:Michael Sigler
May 16, 2017 5:30 PM Media Tompkins County Legislature Regular Meeting
MOVER:Glenn Morey, Member
SECONDER:Dooley Kiefer, Member
AYES:Carol Chock, James Dennis, Rich John, Dooley Kiefer, Daniel Klein, Michael Lane, Leslyn McBean-Clairborne, Martha Robertson, David McKenna, Glenn Morey, Michael Sigler, Peter Stein
EXCUSED:Will Burbank
AWAY:Anna Kelles