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Tompkins County Draft Housing Strategy


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Meeting History

May 4, 2017 3:00 PM  Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee Regular Meeting

Ms. McDonald provided a summary and outline of the draft Housing Strategy for Tompkins County. The outline was developed using information gathered from the Housing Needs Assessment process and integrating with the input from Housing Summit and Department Head and Legislature Housing Retreat. She spoke of the approach taken to achieve the desired units in the target locations and the need to continue the momentum following the Housing Summit. A public meeting has been scheduled for May 17,, 2017, 5:30 p.m., at the Tompkins County Public Library, to present the Housing Strategy for Tompkins County.

Mr. Sigler arrived at this time.

Ms. McDonald also stated there have been discussions regarding the addition of Air BnB to the existing list of housing supply following discussions by the Planning Advisory Committee and housing partners.

In addition, Ms. McDonald has received feedback about prioritizing the list of items under the approach since there are multiple directions.

Mr. Marx stated a final presentation will be brought back for the Committee’s consideration following the public meeting and prior to going to the Legislature.

Ms. Chock stated she would like to see the vision worked into the strategy more and suggested more emphasis on the housing development fund, incentive and inclusionary zoning, and fair housing with a possible requirement made of developers to include multi-income units.

Mr. Sigler stated he was not supportive of the specific law drafted regarding source of income as it relates to fair housing. He does not believe a landlord should be forced to rent to someone without being able to take their source of income and ability to pay into consideration.

Ms. Robertson asked Committee members to provide Ms. McDonald their comments and any recommendations.