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2017 Roadway Construction Map


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Meeting History

May 9, 2017 3:00 PM  Facilities and Infrastructure Committee Regular Meeting

Mr. Smith updated the Committee on projects that would be funded this year and noted the West Dryden Road project is being kept open until the proposed gas line projects are resolved.

Mr. Smith spoke of the bicycle club regarding their concerns with paved shoulders and the widening of roads and he has had multiple contacts with them since. The Highway Department is working with them to pave wider shoulders when possible on projects and areas they are working in to make roads as safe as possible. The areas on the map that were of interest to the bicycle club are Dubois, Applegate, Sheffield, and Bostwick Roads. One area not on the map and was a priority of the bicycle club is a piece on Warren Road between Hanshaw Road and Forest Home Drive and there will be some shoulder work done in that area. The road itself does have some limited areas that will not allow for widening but as a whole this will be a big improvement and believes the bicycle club will be happy.

Following inquires by Committee members regarding specific projects within their districts, Mr. Smith will look into drafting a plan with a broad schedule of the timing and plans for the various projects and provide a copy to the Committee.

Mr. McKenna inquired about conversations that have taken place with Jon Negley, District Manager, Tompkins County Soil and Water Conservation District, regarding the swapping of a culvert project and a storage building at the Highway Department. Mr. Smith stated a very brief conversation has taken place with Mr. Negley and there may be the possibility of using some Soil and Water Department funds towards a drainage improvement culvert project involving a swap dollar for dollar and use some local highway funds to produce a storage building. There are many details and the logistics need to be worked out as this is an unusual project. If the Committee and Legislature approve this project he sees it as part of the budget process for this year to be completed next year as a shared service and he will keep the Committee informed as this moves forward.

Mr. Smith reported that dates are being selected for bids for the Game Farm Road Bridge project. The engineering estimate is over the budgeted amount for the project and there are some adjustments being made to keep that cost within budget. They are at a point to produce an agreement with Cornell for funding some of the bridge. The agreement includes some landscaping items Cornell will be designing in some of the smaller natural areas along the river. Mr. Smith met on-sight with them so they could physically see some of the areas. He is tracking the cost and bid numbers and working with Cornell Real Estate. He is hopeful the bids will come in low and is looking to complete the project in October.