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Presentation on Program Overview: Probation and Community Justice


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Category:Public Safety

Meeting History

May 18, 2017 3:30 PM  Public Safety Committee Regular Meeting

Ms. Buechel provided an overview of the Department's mandated and alternative-to-incarceration (ATI) programs. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation is included in the agenda packet.

During her presentation Ms. Buechel noted that presently juvenile delinquents go up through age 15 and are considered adults at age 16 and 17. Effective October 1, 2018, 16 year-olds will be considered juveniles and effective October 1, 2019, 17 year-olds will be considered juveniles.

Ms. Kelles expressed interest in learning more about the drug courts. Ms. Buechel said she would provide Ms. Kelles with information on both programs. She also suggested Ms. Kelles sit in on any of the court sessions and said she will provide her with information on when they are scheduled.

Mr. Stein was excused at this time

In response to being asked why only 18 adults are in the Electronic Monitoring Program Ms. Buechel responded that when the program, is recommended and the judge orders it they are always able to get it. The Department does not limit the number of units because of budgetary reasons and recommends it whenever it is needed and appropriate. Mr. John asked if there are some town courts that the Department receives orders for this and whether there are others that they do not receive orders from. Ms. Buechel said she would need to look into this.

Mr. John said at a recent Criminal Justice Advisory/Alternatives-to-Incarceration Board meeting there was discussion of how they lose people and he would like the topic of re-entry to be discussed at a future meeting and for the Committee to discuss how the County could do a better job of moving people through. Ms. Robertson said she would like to hear ideas from Ms. Buechel as the Jail Study Committee works through its process; she also commented that she would like to look at demographic information of those who are in the Jail and in ATI programs.

Ms. Buechel said members should have received the Department’s annual report.