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Establishment of 2018 County Financial Goal


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Resolution/Document Body

WHEREAS, the County Administrator has requested the Legislature to establish a tax-levy guideline to use in working with departments and preparing his recommended budget for 2018, and


WHEREAS, it is currently estimated that the 2018 property tax cap imposed on all local governments and school districts by New York State would be approximately 2.4% for Tompkins County, which is equivalent to approximately $1.15 million over the 2017 property tax levy, and


WHEREAS, as of April 25, 2017, the County Administrator estimates that a 2.4% increase in the County’s property tax levy, including a 0.5% increase dedicated to capital improvements identified in the County’s Capital Program, will support a maintenance-of-effort budget for all County departments as well as addressing other critical needs and priorities, and


WHEREAS, it is recognized that the County’s fiscal policy allows departments and agencies to request funding in excess of their 2018 spending targets via an “Over-Target Request,” thereby allowing the Legislature to consider exceeding the County Administrator’s Recommended Budget in the event that compelling reasons to expand or maintain a program or service are presented, and


WHEREAS, it is estimated that, if the 2.4% property tax-levy increase is met, then the additional cost on a $178,000 2016 assessed median-value Tompkins County home will be approximately $24.62 per year, and  


WHEREAS, it is acknowledged that certain economic and fiscal conditions remain volatile and may improve or deteriorate prior to the introduction of the formal 2018 Recommended Budget in the fall and that the tax cap estimate may change as more precise information becomes available, now therefore be it


RESOLVED, on recommendation of the Budget, Capital, and Personnel Committee, That the Legislature directs the County Administrator to establish departmental and agency spending targets and develop a 2018 operating and capital budget that can be supported with a property tax levy that is 2.4% above the 2017 level.  



Meeting History

May 8, 2017 4:00 PM  Budget, Capital and Personnel Committee Regular Meeting
MOVER:James Dennis, Chair
SECONDER:Glenn Morey, Member
AYES:James Dennis, Michael Sigler, Glenn Morey, Daniel Klein
EXCUSED:Leslyn McBean-Clairborne
May 16, 2017 5:30 PM Media Tompkins County Legislature Regular Meeting

It was MOVED by Ms. Kiefer to change the word “Goal” to “Tax-Levy Guideline” in the title. MOTION FAILED DUE TO LACK OF A SECOND.

Ms. Chock does not believe this financial goal is high enough to accomplish the things the County wants to do.

This resolution was adopted by a roll call vote.

MOVER:James Dennis, Member
SECONDER:Martha Robertson, Member
AYES:James Dennis, Rich John, Anna Kelles, Daniel Klein, Michael Lane, Leslyn McBean-Clairborne, Martha Robertson, David McKenna, Glenn Morey, Michael Sigler
NAYS:Carol Chock, Dooley Kiefer
EXCUSED:Will Burbank, Peter Stein