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SOI Allegation Memorandum


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Meeting History

Jul 17, 2017 4:30 PM  Health and Human Services Committee Regular Meeting

Mr. Rusk explained that the Office of Human Rights has been collecting data regarding people who have claimed to be discriminated against in regard to source of income for housing and the data presented is a brief index since the County has not established any laws against this. He stated the proposed law will protect people in these areas from discrimination including unequal terms and conditions of tenancy and refusals to negotiate for rentals. The Office received 52 complaints under these categories in 2016 and nine so far in 2017. These cases are allegations and were not formally investigated but if the Source of Income Discrimination Law were established the Office would investigate them further.

Mr. Rusk announced the Office of Human Rights has recently hired Kimberly Cornish, Education and Outreach Specialist, with a background in English and Education and in addition is a direct descendant of Harriet Tubman. Ms. Kelles invited Ms. Cornish to the next Health and Human Services Committee meeting.