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Runaway and Homeless
Youth Services 2017


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Meeting History

Aug 21, 2017 4:30 PM  Health and Human Services Committee Regular Meeting

Ms. Hendrix provided a PowerPoint presentation entitled Tompkins County Youth Services, Overview Of: Runaway and Homeless Youth Services 2017. She noted the Youth Services Department does not directly work with youth but rather provides services for youth through various programs.

Ms. Hendrix said discussions have been taking place regarding a Youth Shelter in Tompkins County since currently there is not one and the closest one is in Syracuse.

Ms. Chock inquired about the total cost of programs and the local share of those costs. Ms. Hendrix will provide that information to Committee members.

Ms. Hendrix introduced Julianna Garcia and Nick Filippini from Open Doors and complimented them on the work they do for youth in that program. Mr. Burbank asked what can be done to help the program out. Ms. Garcia stated they are in need of more host homes county-wide and said it is difficult to find host homes due to the huge burden it can place on families. Ms. Hendrix explained the process that a family would go through to become a host home.