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Tompkins County Mental Health Services, Housing Levels of Care and our Tompkins County Providers


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Meeting History

Sep 18, 2017 4:30 PM  Health and Human Services Committee Regular Meeting

Ms. McDougall provided a PowerPoint presentation entitled Tompkins County Mental Health Services, Housing Levels of Care and our Tompkins County Providers. She explained that the State has made changes and a requirement of State funding for capital projects involving housing will be “mixed use” units.

Mr. Burbank stated he was supportive of the "mixed use" Lakeview Health Services project and inquired about offices and retail space on the first floor. Ms. McDougall stated the project does include space for retail on the first floor.

Mr. Burbank asked where Lakeview Health Services was based and the connection and involvement they have with the County. Ms. McDougall said they were based in the Rochester/Canandaigua area but they are already operating in the County. She explained how the residential housing agencies are often not based within the County they are based. She added that the retail space will assist in maintaining the taxes for the building.

Ms. Robertson inquired about the “mixed use” housing in the Lakeview project and how housing vouchers would be used. Ms. McDougall explained that the process involved is complicated and the type of housing would need to follow the rules that pertain to that unit.

Ms. Robertson asked about the prognosis for State and Federal funding for programs involved in this project. Ms. McDougall explained that the funding stream is unknown and stated there is currently a restructuring of housing at the State level that involves updates to regulations and funding. She said the community residential model is being reviewed due to the expense involved in that type of care.

Ms. Kelles explained that attempts are being made to have permanent mental health service support on the first floor of the Lakeview facility including having a doctor who provides mental health services with an office there. She expressed concern that the project with be reduced if a problem with the project arises.

Ms. Kelles spoke of Lakeview Health Services and Unity House being in competition with each other for funding but they seem to be working well together. Ms. McDougall added that Lakeview Health Services has already purchased the property prior to the funding being finalized. They have applied for multiple local and State grants.

Ms. McDougall explained that at any given time there are multiple individuals in need of housing and the Single Point of Access (SPOA) program has forecasted the future need will increase caused in part by the reduction of other programs and bed closures. She stated the different levels of care a person receives determines the State allocation for that individual and if the level of care changes the allocation could change also.