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Jul 5, 2017 3:30 PM  Government Operations Committee Regular Meeting

Mr. Howe outlined the process that has taken place to date and said Iron Design, a local firm that helps with branding, marketing, and communication, was chosen through a competitive process. The name he presented for discussion came out of the Project Advisory Committee that is comprised of most of the partners who will be located in the building. Several names were forwarded by Iron Design based on suggestions of the Project Advisory Committee and by consensus they chose the "Center for History and Culture in Tompkins County". He noted there will be further branding; therefore, not only the name will be marketed. He said they feel an urgency to move this forward quickly because of the capital campaign that needs to begin very soon. They are also recommending that in the foyer of the building there be two plaques, one to recognize the County made a decision to purchase the building during the County's Bicentennial and a second plaque to recognize the role of the Tompkins Trust Company.

Mr. Howe said some of the names that were proposed didn't tell what the building was about and the Committee felt it was important that the name convey what is happening in the building. Mr. John said it has been a long process for the Advisory Committee to come up with a name and urged the Committee to give the building a name so this can move forward. Mr. Burbank said the proposed name is long but was supportive of the proposal. Ms. Chock asked if the Committee had consulted with Carol Kammen. Mr. Howe said the only strong message Ms. Kammen communicated was not to use the word "heritage" in the name.

Following discussion it was suggested to shorten the title and there was consensus to amend the proposed name to the "Tompkins Center for History and Culture". Mr. Howe said this was the original proposal but the Committee thought the Legislature would prefer having "Tompkins County" in the title.

It was MOVED by Mr. John, seconded by Ms. Chock, and unanimously adopted by voice vote, to recommend the name of the Tompkins Trust Building to be the "Tompkins Center for History and Culture". This will be added to the Legislature's agenda tomorrow evening.