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Meeting History

Jun 29, 2017 3:00 PM  Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee Regular Meeting

Mr. Stamm spoke of the Advanced Manufacturing Training initiative being a collaborative effort with Workforce Development. He stated TCAD continues to hear there is a need to train individuals for entry-level positions within the manufacturing realm. There have been a wide range of people involved with this initiative and the event held was well attended. As a result two committees have been created. The first committee is the development of a pipeline for potential employees that will involve getting the schools to provide information to parents and ensure kids understand the career opportunities. The second committee will look into the training of incumbent workers that are already in place in a manufacturing position.

Mr. Stamm said the efforts of the two committees being formed will be ongoing and the efforts include companies from outside the Tompkins County area because in order to have enough demand for a program and the needed supply there is a need to reach beyond Tompkins County companies.

Ms. Robertson asked if TCAD is finding interest from companies in apprenticeship programs and building the long-term relationship that goes along with those programs. Mr. Stamm stated companies have expressed interest and spoke of one company currently involved with this.

Ms. Kiefer asked for a description of the IDA's Energy Incentive Package. Mr. Stamm stated the IDA, with assistance from Taitem, studied this issue and has tried to develop an incentive package that would encourage IDA customers to invest more in energy-related systems. For example, the IDA delivered additional incentives to the developer/owner of the Harold Square building to invest in energy reducing systems. He stated the companies are asked to commit to the following:

1. Provide the IDA with an Annual Report of Energy Utilization

2. Participate in NYSERDA’s multi-family new construction program and achieve design at the tier 3 level

3. The company will within 18 months of issuance of the certificate of occupancy submit a NYSERDA third party certification and results of on-sight inspection.

Mr. Stamm stated they are asking companies to do much more with respect to energy demand reduction in exchange for additional incentives.

Ms. Kiefer inquired what would be done to a company who was found out of compliance with the IDA's Energy Incentive Program requirements. Mr. Stamm stated the IDA would withdraw the incentives and pull the approval for any future incentives. The IDA has provided these incentives for the Ithaca Computing Center and City Center. Ms. Kiefer requested the Committee be kept up-to-date if the commitments are not met.