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Tompkins County Environmental Management Council (EMC) 2016 Annual Report


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Meeting History

Jun 29, 2017 3:00 PM  Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee Regular Meeting

Brian Eden, Vice Chair, Environmental Management Council (EMC), provided a review of the Tompkins County 2016 Annual Report. The primary responsibility of the EMC is to support the County Legislature in its natural resource planning and the Comprehensive Plan regarding greenhouse gas reduction. Members of the EMC meet with developers to influence more efficient building construction in support of renewable energy resources. Mr. Eden spoke of the multiple energy committees in the community and stated the EMC has changed from an energy committee to more of a climate adaptation committee.

Ms. Robertson inquired about the membership of the EMC and the Towns of Enfield, Lansing, and Newfield not being represented. Mr. Eden stated Michelle Henry is now the Town of Newfield representative but there are no representatives from the Towns of Enfield and Lansing. Ms. Henry is also the EMC’s representative on the Water Resources Council (WRC).

Ms. Robertson spoke of the Bell Station property that New York State was willing to purchase but NYSEG was not willing to sell. Mr. Marx stated the property is still owned by NYSEG and there are no known plans to develop or sell it. Mr. Eden stated a Unique Natural Area (UNA) designation has no regulatory impact on property but this property does have some rare plant species and rock formations. Mr. Sigler stated it is a 485-acre parcel that the Land Trust is hopeful the State would turn into a State Forest. The Land Trust is working on it but NYSEG does not want to sell at this point.

Following an inquiry by Ms. Robertson, Mr. Eden stated the EMC does coordinate with the WRC and he is in constant contact with Darby Kilday, Chair, and they share meeting agendas and minutes so work is not duplicated.