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Meeting History

Oct 5, 2017 3:00 PM  Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee Regular Meeting

Ms. Borgella provided a brief report on the following:

American Planning Association - The NY Upstate Chapter of the American Planner Association Awards Committee has selected Edward Marx to be recognized with the Planner Emeritus award. Department Staff with Scott Doyle taking the lead nominated Mr. Marx. She explained that Oswego County also submitted information regarding Mr. Marx's accomplishments when he was in that area. The awards luncheon is October 13th in Syracuse and some of the Staff will be attending. She will forward information to Committee members if they are interested in attending.

Planning Advisory Board - At the last meeting Joan Jurkowich provided a presentation on Known and Potential Residential Development Sites in draft form that includes projects that are currently in the pipeline or have been recently constructed in the past year. Once the presentation is finalized it will be presented to this Committee.

Energy Management Software Tools - The Department is pursuing information from NYSEG to identify the vendors they work with in an attempt to seamlessly transfer facility energy data to a management tool to assist.

Energy Task Force - The Task Force is reviewing the 2030 Energy Strategy Update, one chapter at a time. They have spent most of their time so far on solar energy and they will look next at the chapter regarding heat pumps.

Ms. Kiefer requested a list of the members of the Energy Task Force. Mrs. McCloy agreed to provide that information.

County SEQR Policy - The revisions to the County SEQR Policy have been moving forward.

Ms. Kiefer asked if the comment period in the proposed SEQR Policy has been significantly shortened. Ms. Borgella stated there was a proposal to shorten the comment period but a compromise was made to the original proposal.

Electronic Vehicle Deployment Community Grant - There was a kick-off meeting and the first task of that group was to install eleven level II charging stations in the County. Those stations should be installed later this year or early 2018. Next year there is funding available to do outreach, education, and marketing related to electric vehicles.

Article 239 Review Guide - The Department is beginning to review the Article 239 process that involves inter-municipal impacts of development proposals and plans and develop an Article 239 Review Guide that will layout the process used and criteria that projects are evaluated by. They are trying to make it a more effective and helpful tool for municipalities.

Virtual Housing Office - Ms. McDonald has been working with Human Services Coalition to meet the deadline for the Park Foundation Grant to move the housing strategy forward. An aspect being proposed is a Virtual Housing Office that includes a “one-stop shop” for those looking for housing opportunities available in the community. This would be managed by the Human Services Coalition.

Ms. Chock asked if the Planning Department were to gain a Housing Planner would the Virtual Housing Office be better placed under the management of the Planning Department. Ms. Borgella explained that after reviewing the scope of the duties of that office it made more sense to be managed by the Human Services Coalition in part due to the a great deal of coordination involving 2-1-1. The new Housing Planner will work together with the Virtual Housing Office.