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September 2017 Report


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Meeting History

Oct 5, 2017 3:00 PM  Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee Regular Meeting

Ms. McDaniel stated Michael Stamm has announced his retirement next summer and in accordance with the Leadership Succession Plan a Presidential search for Tompkins County Area Development (TCAD) is underway.

Ms. McDaniel said the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) adopted a Local Labor Utilization policy in April 2016 where local construction labor was defined as Tompkins County and adjoining counties. The policy requires that all approved IDA program applicants solicit labor from local contractors and firms and show proof of that. In addition, during construction they are required to report monthly the hours, pay, and zip codes of their on-sight workforce. This information will aid in the determination of the capacity the community has for local construction labor.

Ms. McDaniel explained that the City Center Project is the first project that fell under this policy. In addition, the IDA has requested information from the Trust Company Project that began just prior to this policy taking affect and they have agreed to provide the information requested. She noted The Trust Company has made an effort and asked their contractors and sub-contractors to hire local labor. She said about fifty percent of the labor on that project is considered local labor.

Ms. McDaniel explained that TCAD’s overall marketing and public relations strategy are guided by a Committee of TCAD Board and the strategy is proactive and enables the TCAD name to be put out to the community and gain some recognition for the work being done.

Ms. Frank provided some background information and said that in 2016 a strategic marketing session was held with key stakeholders for TCAD. They developed four macro messages, identified key audiences they wanted to reach, manners in which to reach them, and long-term/short-term goals. Ms. Frank has met with the Marketing Committee to work on moving these plans forward. She is working with the Committee to increase advertising including Ithaca Voice and radio messages. The information being advertised includes the history of TCAD, services offered, and will include additional information about the IDA and other projects TCAD is involved with. TCAD is tracking the advertising campaign to see how they are viewed in the community and how the advertising may improve that.

Ms. Kiefer inquired about the Corporate Co-location Consulting Project. Ms. McDaniel explained that the consultant just completed interviews with Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty and tours of business facilities in the community, but the report has not been completed. She is hopeful they will find some unique and distinct types of areas of research and facilities that can be accessed by people that cannot be accessed anywhere and then identify business that would benefit from that research and encourage them to locate or co-locate in this area.

Ms. Chock asked if Ms. McDaniel knew of the company Zymtronix. Ms. McDaniel stated she has been in contact with them. She stated that the high cost of real estate in Tompkins County is a barrier for start-up companies.