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New York


Authorizing a One-Time Supplemental Appropriation of $83,200 from Contingent Fund to Assist Tompkins Cortland Community College to Implement a Service Management Modernization Plan


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Category:Community CollegeFunctions:Contingent Fund

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WHEREAS, Tompkins Cortland Community College (“College”) has proposed a Service Management Modernization Plan (“Plan”) that will automate and streamline several administrative and finance functions, enabling the College to generate recurring future savings, and


WHEREAS, the College has requested one-time funding of $130,000 to implement the Plan, and


WHEREAS, if apportioned to Tompkins County and Cortland County in the same manner as the apportionment of the Sponsor Share of the College’s operating budget, which is based on each county’s respective share of student enrollment, Tompkins County’s contribution to the cost of the Plan would be $83,200, or 64% of the total cost, and 


WHEREAS, this Legislature is committed to the success of the College and the students it serves, and recognizes the long-term benefits produced by the implementation of the Plan, and


WHEREAS, a contribution by Tompkins County to support the implementation of the Plan would be an extraordinary, one-time discretionary grant of funds to the College and would not become a factor in future maintenance-of-effort calculations nor require a proportionate match of funds by Cortland County, now therefore be it


RESOLVED, on recommendation of the Budget, Capital, and Personnel Committee, That this Legislature wishes to provide a discretionary one-time supplemental appropriation to the College for the sole and restricted purpose of implementing its Service Management Modernization Plan during the College’s 2017-18 fiscal year,


RESOLVED, further, That the Director of Finance be and hereby is directed to make the following adjustment to his budget: 


From:              A1990.54400              Contingent Fund                                                                                    $83,200

To:              A2495.54400              Tompkins Cortland Community College-Program Expense              $83,200

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