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Acceptance of Disability Employment Initiative Funding - Tompkins County Office of Employment and Training


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Resolution/Document Body

WHEREAS, the New York State Department of Labor has received a United States Department of Labor Round VIII Disability Employment Initiative Grant, and


WHEREAS, the Tompkins County Workforce Development Board collaborated with the New York State Department of Labor in the grant application and will be a grant subrecipient and desires to pass a portion of the funding to the Office of Employment and Training, and


WHEREAS,  this funding is the first year of a three-year grant and will provide support to youth (ages 14-24) with visible/non-visible/significant disabilities (including those who have chronic health conditions) in order to improve employment outcomes by increasing their participation in existing career pathways/programs, and 


WHEREAS, no local funding is requested for this initiative, now therefore be it


RESOLVED, on recommendation of the Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee, That the Tompkins County Legislature hereby accepts the funding in the amount of $179,815,


              RESOLVED, further, That the Finance Director be and hereby is authorized to make the following adjustment to the 2018 budget:


              REVENUE:              CD6292.44790                            Federal Aid Job Training              $ 179,815


APPROPRIATION:              CD6292.51000761              Workforce Development Specialist              $ 52,437

                                          CD6292.58800                            Fringe                                          $ 25,878

                                          CD6292.54412                            Travel/Training                            $  3,000

                                          CD6292.54414                            Local Mileage                            $  1,000

                                          CD6292-54400                            Program Expenses              $ 96,000

                                          CD6292-52206                            Computer Equipment              $  1,500




Meeting History

Jan 4, 2018 3:00 PM  Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee Regular Meeting

Ms. Mattick explained this is the same funding but for the Office of Employment and Training and is for the first year of a three-year grant.

MOVER:Deborah Dawson, Member
SECONDER:Michael Sigler, Member
AYES:Martha Robertson, Michael Sigler, David McKenna, Deborah Dawson, Henry Granison
Jan 16, 2018 5:30 PM Media Tompkins County Legislature Regular Meeting
MOVER:Deborah Dawson, Member
SECONDER:Anna Kelles, Member
AYES:Shawna Black, Amanda Champion, Deborah Dawson, Henry Granison, Rich John, Anna Kelles, Daniel Klein, Anne Koreman, Michael Lane, Leslyn McBean-Clairborne, David McKenna, Glenn Morey, Martha Robertson, Michael Sigler