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January 2018 Report


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Meeting History

Jan 4, 2018 3:00 PM  Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee Regular Meeting

Ms. Robertson was glad to see the award of the Regional Economic Development Council workforce training grant for the Franziska Racker Center. Ms. McDaniel stated she and Julia Mattick worked with the Racker Center on their application for this grant.

Ms. McDaniel explained Tompkins County Area Development's (TCAD) Investment Campaign process and that they exceeded their goal five years ago due in part to the County pledging their support. She explained TCAD is beginning preparations for the 2019-2023 Investment Campaign and have hired Convergent Nonprofit Solutions, the same consultant they used five-years ago, and they will begin with interviews of between 60 and 80 community stakeholders on January 16th.

Following a request by Ms. Robertson, Ms. McDaniel reported the search for the TCAD President position is moving forward. Michael Stamm is retiring in August and a search committee has been established composed of TCAD Board members and one outside member. The Committee has reviewed the succession plan that was adopted in 2012 and has invited the assistance of former Vice President, Human Resources at Cayuga Medical Center, to review the job description and move forward with this process.

Mr. Sigler arrived at this time.