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New York


Budget Adjustment - Youth Services Department and County Administration


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Category:Youth ServicesFunctions:Transfers and Adjustments

Resolution/Document Body

WHEREAS, pursuant to Administrative Manual Policy 05-02, budget adjustments exceeding $5,000 require Legislative approval, and


WHEREAS, beginning in fiscal year 2017, the Tompkins County Youth Services Department contracted with County Administration to guide the implementation of the use of Results Based Accountability (RBA), a performance management system, with all County departments, over the course of three years, and


WHEREAS, funds were being provided to pay for the salary and fringe of a .5 FTE Program Management Specialist position, and


WHEREAS, upon the review of this arrangement, it was determined the RBA role would be better aligned and, therefore, combined with the responsibilities and duties of the newly created Criminal Justice Coordinator position to be housed within the County Administration office, resulting in a net savings in wage and fringe costs, and


WHEREAS, the contract between County Administration and Youth Services Department would no longer be necessary, and


WHEREAS, the Youth Services Department would no longer be receiving this 0.5 FTE position’s funding from County Administration, and


WHEREAS, the Department of County Administration will no longer be funding the 0.5 FTE in Youth Services, now therefore be it


RESOLVED, on recommendation of the Health and Human Services and the Government Operations Committees, That the Director of Finance be directed to make the following reductions to the 2018 budget as follows:


Youth Services Department


Revenue Acct                             Title                                                                      Amount

7020.42797                             Other Local Govt Contributions                 ($27,673)


Appropriation Acct               Title                                                                       Amount

7020.51000655                            Program Management Specialist               ($18,529)                           

7020.58800                            Fringes                                                         ($9,144)


County Administration


Appropriation Acct               Title                                                                       Amount

1230.54442                            Professional Services                                          ($27,673)

A30909000                            General Fund Balance                                          $27,673