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Raise the Age PowerPoint Presentation


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Category:Public Safety

Meeting History

Feb 7, 2018 3:00 PM  Public Safety Committee Regular Meeting

Ms. Buechel provided a detailed PowerPoint presentation on the new Raise the Age Legislation that was enacted April 10, 2017.

The key components:

Ø Prohibits 16 and 17 year-olds from being held in adult jails and prisons

Ø Makes substantive changes to procedures used to process 16 and 17 year-olds in the criminal and family courts

Ø Allows for additional services for youth and alters the type of detention and/or placement they receive

This Legislation will be implemented in a phased approach over a two-year period. On October 1, 2018, the law takes effect for 16 year-olds and October 1, 2019, the law takes effect for 17 year-olds.

The following questions and concerns remain were reviewed:

Ø Availability of funding from year-to-year given the Tax Cap requirement or meeting the fiscal distress requirement. Will counties be picking up the cost for RTA? Will this be another unfunded mandate by the State?

Ø Unknown probation rules and regulations (currently being promulgated) that will dictate the intensity, quantity and quality (EBP) of services to be provided at the Intake and Voluntary Services stages of RTA. Change in the Intake rule will also apply to all JD (Juvenile Delinquent) youth, expanding probation’s workload.

Ø Estimating additional Probation staff to implement RTA.

Ø Office of Court Administration has not provided details on procedures in Youth Part (how often in-session, transfer process to Family Court, etc.).

Ø Determining the kind of EBP required to meet the needs of our 16/17 year-old youth.

Ø Where will Tompkins County send Adolescent Offenders who require a Specialized Secure Detention Facility? How do we plan for this eventuality?

· Regional Approach? Who Initiates this discussion?

· Who is going to be willing to build a new facility and operate it?

· Who is going to be willing to pay for the construction of a new facility up front and wait for State reimbursement?

Ø At best, building a regional facility from start to finish would extend beyond the implementation of full RTA.

Ø Do we need to think about alternatives to detention? Respite? Foster Care for older youth? Youth housing?