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Sheriff's Department Report - January 2018


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  1. January 2018 PSR

Meeting History

Feb 7, 2018 3:00 PM  Public Safety Committee Regular Meeting

Mr. John commented on the board-out costs and recognized the amount spent to-date is below the budget line. It was noted that the budget line does not include other expenses related to boarding out. Mr. John asked if a consolidated number on what the real costs are such as the overtime expense, transportation, etc., could be provided; Mr. Bunce said he could put that information together.

Mr. John said the Legislature is trying to focus on the Jail population and number of board-outs and asked if a study on a daily report of the board outs could be produced without creating a significant amount of extra work for staff. Mr. Lansing said Black Creek has a program that they believe may work for this purpose and they are looking into that information.