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Business Energy Advisors Program Update


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Meeting History

Dec 18, 2018 9:00 AM  Planning, Dev. and Env. Quality Committee (2016-2018) Regular Meeting

Ms. Aguirre provided a PowerPoint presentation entitled Tompkins County Business Energy Advisors that included a brief overview of the Business Energy Advisors Program.

Ms. Koreman asked if Ms. Aguirre will be involved in the upcoming Old Jail renovations. Ms. Borgella stated that Ms. Aguirre is working with Holt Architects regarding the Tioga Street property and can reach out to Mr. LeMaro regarding the Old Jail renovations.

Ms. Kelles inquired about working with developers of the GreenStar project and if the fact that it is a cooperative organization presents a problem. Ms. Borgella stated it has worked nicely and the Department provided a letter to be shared with the GreenStar membership that they were working actively in the program. She said developers are speaking highly of the program and referring new clients to the program.