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Strategic Tourism Planning Board Implementation Grant - Visitor Journey A2D Ambassador Training Program


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Resolution/Document Body

WHEREAS, the Tompkins County Workforce Development Board has been awarded an implementation grant from the Strategic Tourism Planning Board (STPB), and


WHEREAS, the funding will be used to implement the The Visitor Journey A2D Tourism Training Program developed by the Visitor Engagement Academy to fill a void in tourism front-line training, and


WHEREAS, this nationally recognized program combines ambassador, customer service, and product knowledge training into a highly customizable learning system, and


WHEREAS, the Tompkins County Workforce Development Board and the Ithaca Tompkins County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau have identified Visitor Journey A2D to build on the success of the annual Hospitality Star Program, that was capable of training up to 28 people annually, into a year-round tourism training program with the potential to train 100+ tourism ambassadors annually, and


WHEREAS, the audience for this program is anyone who may encounter visitors, from traditional front-line employees such as guests service agents, taxi drivers, airport workers to non-traditional and less obvious people to include parking attendants, bus drivers, realtors, college tour guides, bankers, gas station attendants, etc., each whom has the potential to engage with visitors whether it is someone looking to relocate here, prospective students (and parents), or international parents who need to open bank accounts for their students or exchange money and who have the potential to influence these visitors, and


WHEREAS, the program widens the opportunity for anyone in the community to become an educated ambassador who will positively influence these special guests from arrival to our community to departure (A2D), and


WHEREAS, the Workforce Development Board will partner with the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to implement this program, and


WHEREAS, the total cost of the program is $24,305 of which $11,175 is being made available through the grant and the remainder paid through repurposed funds received previously from the STPB as well as in-kind services, now therefore be it


RESOLVED, on recommendation of the Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee, That the Workforce Development Board hereby accepts the funding in the amount of $11,175,


              RESOLVED, further, That the Finance Director is authorized to make the following adjustment to the 2018 budget:


              REVENUE:              CD6290.42797                            Other Local Government Contributions                 $11,175


APPROPRIATION:              CD6290.54491                            Subcontracts                                          $11,175




Meeting History

May 29, 2018 3:00 PM  Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee Regular Meeting

Ms. Mattick explained that the Workforce Development Board was awarded a grant by the Strategic Tourism Planning Board (STPB) for a contract with the Visitor Engagement Academy for the implementation of The Visitor Journey A2D Tourism Training Program.

MOVER:Amanda Champion, Vice Chair
SECONDER:David McKenna, Member
AYES:Anna Kelles, Amanda Champion, David McKenna, Deborah Dawson, Anne Koreman
Jun 5, 2018 5:30 PM Media Tompkins County Legislature Regular Meeting
MOVER:Leslyn McBean-Clairborne, Member
SECONDER:Deborah Dawson, Member
AYES:Shawna Black, Amanda Champion, Deborah Dawson, Henry Granison, Rich John, Anna Kelles, Daniel Klein, Anne Koreman, Michael Lane, Leslyn McBean-Clairborne, David McKenna, Glenn Morey, Martha Robertson, Michael Sigler