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Authorizing a Public Hearing on Local Law No. ___ of 2019 – A Local Law Establishing a $.05 Paper Carryout Bag Reduction Fee in Tompkins County


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Category:Local LawFunctions:Environmental, Public Hearing


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Resolution/Document Body

              WHEREAS, in June 2019, the New York State Legislature passed the New York State Bag Waste Reduction Act (A2008C/S.1508C, Part H), adding Title 28 BAG WASTE REDUCTION to Article 27 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law, and


              WHEREAS, the purpose of Title 28 (Sections 27-2801 - 27-2809) is to reduce the environmental impact of bag waste, and particularly single-use plastic bag waste, and


              WHEREAS, Section 27-2805 authorizes and empowers any city or county to adopt a local law imposing a $.05 paper carryout bag reduction fee to take effect on or after March 1, 2020, now therefore be it


              RESOLVED, on recommendation of the Planning, Energy, and Environmental Quality Committee, That a public hearing be held before the Tompkins County Legislature in the Legislature Chambers of the Governor Daniel D. Tompkins Building, 121 East Court Street, Ithaca, New York, on November 19, 2019, at 5:30 o’clock in the evening thereof concerning proposed Local Law No. ___ of 2019 - A Local Law Establishing a $.05 Paper Carryout Bag Reduction Fee in Tompkins County.  At such time and place all persons interested in the subject matter will be heard concerning the same,


              RESOLVED, further, That the Clerk of the Legislature is hereby authorized and directed to place proper notice of such public hearing in the official newspaper of the County.






Meeting History

Nov 7, 2019 5:30 PM Media Tompkins County Legislature Regular Meeting
MOVER:Anna Kelles, Member
SECONDER:Leslyn McBean-Clairborne, Member
AYES:Shawna Black, Amanda Champion, Deborah Dawson, Henry Granison, Rich John, Anna Kelles, Daniel Klein, Anne Koreman, Michael Lane, Leslyn McBean-Clairborne, David McKenna, Glenn Morey, Martha Robertson, Michael Sigler