Public Hearings
Local Law - Revising the Tompkins County Charter Closed
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
Roll Call of Members
Roll Call
Distinguished Youth Award
Privilege of the Floor by the Public
Report from a Municipal Official(s)
Privilege of the Floor by Legislators
Health and Human Services Committee
2016-265 : Resolution in Appreciation of Steve Griffin - Foodnet Adopted [Unanimous]
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Privilege of the Floor by Legislators (continued)
Health and Human Services Committee
2016-266 : Authorization to Execute Agreement - Development of a Mobile Crisis Team - Tompkins County Mental Health Department Adopted [Unanimous]
a. TC Behavioral Health Mobile Crisis Team 120916
b. Mobile Crisis Team Proposal 120916
c. Appendix D - CGC-CG-16 Definition of Crisis Stabilization Services%2c BH C...
Facilities and Infrastructure Committee
2016-267 : Award of Bid - Laboratory Analytical Testing Services - Solid Waste Division Adopted [Unanimous]
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Government Operations Committee
2016-268 : Appropriation from Contingent Fund - Information Technology Services Adopted [Unanimous]
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Budget, Capital, and Personnel Committee
2016-269 : 2016 Budget Appropriation and Adjustments for Road Patrol Retroactive Wage Increase Adopted [Unanimous]
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Resolutions Added to and Withdrawn from the Agenda
6770 : Resolution Condemning Violence and Hate Speech, Expressing Solidarity with Muslims and All those Targeted for their Ethnicity, Race, or Religion Withdrawn
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a. Resolution condemning violence and hate speech
6768 : Amendment to Rule IV - Order of Business (5) Privilege of the Floor - Rules of the Tompkins County Legislature and Functions of Committees Withdrawn Not Final
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Chair's Report and Chair's Appointments
Report from the County Administrator
Report from the County Attorney
Report from the Finance Director
6769 : Sales Tax Report Completed
documentReport or Discussion Item Printout
a. Sales Tax Nov'16
Appointments Approved Under the Consent Agenda
6709 : Advisory Board Appointment(s) Adopted [Unanimous]
Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee
Charter Review Committee
Budget, Capital, and Personnel Committee
Jail Study Committee
Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Old Library Committee
Public Safety Committee
Health and Human Services Committee
Facilities and Infrastructure Committee
Transportation Committee
Government Operations Committee
2016-270 : Appropriation from Contingent Fund - Terminal Pay - County Clerk/DMV Adopted [Unanimous]
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2016-271 : Appropriation from Contingent Fund - Terminal Pay- Assessment Department Adopted [Unanimous]
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Minutes of Previous Meeting
Minutes of Dec 6, 2016 5:30 PM Accepted [12 to 1]