Roll Call
Call to Order
Public Comment
Changes to Agenda
Chair's Report
6762 : Advisory Board Appointment(s) Recommended [Unanimous]
Energize New York Update
Planning Department
Commissioner's Report
NYSEG/Avangrid: Energy Smart Community
2017-6 : Establishing the Tompkins County Energy Task Force Recommended [Unanimous]
a. PDEQ Memo on Energy Adv Board_kb_12-14-16v2
2017-5 : Budget Reappropriation of 2016 Grant Funding to the 2017 Budget For HeatSmart II Recommended [Unanimous]
6767 : Proposed Timeline for Development of the Tompkins County Housing Strategy Completed
a. PDEQ_Cover_Memo_StrategyTimeline_12-12-16
2017-4 : Budget Adjustment - Housing Summit Funding for Follow-Up Activities Recommended [Unanimous]
Minutes Approval
Minutes of Nov 16, 2016 3:00 PM Accepted [4 to 3]
Minutes of Dec 6, 2016 4:45 PM Accepted [4 to 3]
Committee Members' Reports
Bdgt Adj. & Transfers (Info. Only)
6765 : 8020 Budget Transfer for Chairs Completed
a. 8020 Budget Transfer for Chairs