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Minutes Approval
Minutes of Dec 20, 2016 5:00 PM Accepted [Unanimous]
Minutes of Jan 17, 2017 5:00 PM Accepted [Unanimous]
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Committee Chair Report
Director of Finance Report
1. 6869 : 2016 Contingent Account Presented
a. Hand Out 2-13-17
County Administrator Report
Report from the Human Resources Commissioner
6842 : Introduction of new staff member Completed
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6840 : Diversity Consortium Completed
documentReport or Discussion Item Printout
6841 : Brief Report on the Laserfiche Empower Conference Completed
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Report from Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Report from Public Information Officer
2017-38 : Authorization to Participate in Various Contracts Let by Any Government Entity of the United States of America Recommended [Unanimous]
documentResolution Printout
2017-30 : Award of First Round of 2017 Strategic Tourism Implementation Funding Recommended [Unanimous]
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a. MEMO-STI funding 2017_final
2017-29 : 2017 Strategic Tourism Implementation Program Budget Adjustment Recommended [Unanimous]
documentResolution Printout
2017-36 : Authorizing a Contract with the Tompkins County Soil and Water District to Provide Interim Financial Assistance to Support Grant-Funded Conservation Efforts throughout the County Recommended [Unanimous]
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Appointments and Liaison Assignments
6827 : Advisory Board Appointments Recommended [Unanimous]
Executive Session