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Privilege of the Floor by the Public
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Chair's Report and Chair's Appointments
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Resolutions Added to and Withdrawn from the Agenda
Appointments Approved Under the Consent Agenda
7282 : Advisory Board Appointment Adopted [Unanimous]
Resolutions Approved Under the Consent Agenda
2017-180 : Adoption of 2017 Equalization Rates Adopted By Consent Vote [Unanimous]
documentResolution Printout
2017-181 : Adoption of 2017 Assessment Roll Footings Adopted By Consent Vote [Unanimous]
documentResolution Printout
a. 2017 Footings
b. 2017 Footings Village
c. 2017 footings memo
2017-182 : Authorization to Accept Grant from the Health Foundation of Western and Central New York - Office for the Aging Adopted By Consent Vote [Unanimous]
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Facilities and Infrastructure Committee
Transportation Committee
Government Operations Committee
2017-183 : Standardization of Professional Services and Software Adopted [Unanimous]
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2017-184 : Budget Adjustment and Appropriation of Unspent Funds from 2016 and Prior Years to Various Accounts of the Departments that Report to the Government Operations Committee Adopted [Unanimous]
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a. JM_reviewed_Legislature_Rollover_2018_rec'd
b. JM_reviewed_Information Technology Services Rollover 2018_rec'd
c. JM_reviewed_Co_Atty_Rollover_rec'd_2018
d. JM_reviewed_Assessment_Rollover_2018_rec'd
e. JM_reviewed_Board of Elections Rollover_rec'd_2018
2017-185 : Resolution to Urge the United States Congress to Preserve the Protections of Registered Individuals in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program by Passing the Bipartisan-Supported Dream Act of 2017 Adopted [Unanimous]
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Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee
2017-186 : Authorizing Application for New York State Public Transportation Modernization & Enhancement Grant for TCAT, Inc., in SFY 2017-2018 Adopted [Unanimous]
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Budget, Capital, and Personnel Committee
2017-187 : Scheduling a Public Hearing on the 2018 Tompkins County Budget and the 2018-2022 Tompkins County Capital Program Adopted [Unanimous]
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Jail Study Committee
Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Old Library Committee
Public Safety Committee
Health and Human Services Committee
2017-188 : Appropriation From Contingent Fund - Terminal Pay - Health Department Adopted [Unanimous]
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Individual Member-Filed Resolutions
2017-189 : Supporting New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) Petition (Case 17-G-0432) to Address Reliability Issues for Current Gas Customers in Lansing Area, and Calling on the Public Service Commission to Conduct an Expeditious Review Adopted [Unanimous]
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Minutes of Sep 5, 2017 5:30 PM Accepted [13 to 1]
Executive Session