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Minutes of Oct 10, 2017 3:00 PM Accepted [Unanimous]
Recycling and Materials Management Department
2017-221 : Establishing Unit Charge for 2018 Solid Waste Annual Fee Recommended [Unanimous]
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7410 : Capital Payment Summary Report Completed
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a. 10-13-17 capital summary
Facilities Department
2017-222 : Audit of Final Payment – Nelson & Streeter Construction Co. Inc., - Tompkins County 2016 Parking Lot Paving Project Recommended [Unanimous]
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2017-239 : Authorization to Execute an Agreement with Tetra Tech Architects & Engineers for Architectural and Engineering Design Services - Tompkins Center for History and Culture Code and Building Systems Improvements Project Recommended [Unanimous]
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2017-237 : Parking Rate Increase/Contract Extension - Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport Recommended [Unanimous]
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7425 : Departmental Update Completed
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Highway Department
2017-238 : Budget Adjustment to Transfer Unanticipated Revenue from Permits, Sale of Scrap, and Insurance Recovery Revenues, Etc. - Highway Department Recommended [Unanimous]
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7422 : Capital Payment Summary Completed
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