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Minutes of Aug 2, 2017 3:30 PM Accepted [3 to 1]
2017-181 : Adoption of 2017 Assessment Roll Footings Recommended [Unanimous]
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a. 2017 Footings
b. 2017 Footings Village
c. 2017 footings memo
2017-180 : Adoption of 2017 Equalization Rates Recommended [Unanimous]
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Information Technology Services
7269 : Public WiFi Project Update Completed
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7270 : ITS Capital Projects - HR Payroll & Server Replacement Completed
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a. HRPayroll_PAR_Form
b. Server_PAR_Form
2017-183 : Standardization of Professional Services and Software Recommended [Unanimous]
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2017-184 : Budget Adjustment and Appropriation of Unspent Funds from 2016 and Prior Years to Various Accounts of the Departments that Report to the Government Operations Committee Recommended [Unanimous]
documentResolution Printout
i. JM_reviewed_Legislature_Rollover_2018_rec'd
ii. JM_reviewed_Information Technology Services Rollover 2018_rec'd
iii. JM_reviewed_Co_Atty_Rollover_rec'd_2018
iv. JM_reviewed_Assessment_Rollover_2018_rec'd
v. JM_reviewed_Board of Elections Rollover_rec'd_2018
Finance Department
7268 : Credit Card Acceptance Completed
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7267 : Update on Procurement Card (P-Card) RFP Completed
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i. P-Card Memo
ii. P-Card Sample Rebate Sch
DACA Resolution
2017-185 : Resolution to Urge the United States Congress to Preserve the Protections of Registered Individuals in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program by Passing the Bipartisan-Supported Dream Act of 2017 Recommended [Unanimous]
Opioid Lawsuits
7277 : Privilege of the Floor - Sign-in Form Deferred
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a. POF - 2017
Committee Chair
County Administrator
County Attorney
Director of Finance
Public Information Officer
7282 : Advisory Board Appointment Recommended [Unanimous]