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Minutes of Sep 6, 2017 3:30 PM Accepted [4 to 1]
Board of Elections
2017-195 : Appointment of Election Commissioner for 2018-2019 Recommended [Unanimous]
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a. Election Commissioner Certification - Elizabeth W Cree
7251 : 2017 End of Year Report Completed
documentReport or Discussion Item Printout
a. 2017 EOY Report
2017-196 : Approval of Budget Transfer to Fund the 2017 Search for County Administrator Recommended [Unanimous]
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County Attorney
Opioid Lawsuit
Finance Department
2017-202 : Authorization to Implement the Acceptance of Credit and Debit Cards Recommended [3 to 2]
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a. Credit Card Payment for Taxes - GO MEMO 9-6-17
b. Credit Card Payments for Taxes - GO MEMO 10-4-17
7336 : Purchasing Card Update Completed
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a. P-Card Memo - GO MTG 10-4-17
Information Technology Services
7337 : Public Wi-Fi update Completed
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County-owned Laptops for Legislators
Committee Chair
County Administrator
Deputy County Administrator
County Attorney
Director of Finance
Public Information Officer
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