Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
Roll Call of Members
Roll Call
Fair Housing Month Announced
TC3 Take Back the Night Announced
Teddy Zimrot Day Announced
Privilege of the Floor by the Public
Report from a Municipal Official(s)
Privilege of the Floor by Legislators
Budget, Capital, and Personnel Committee - M. Lane, Chair
2018-75 : Endorsing Tompkins Cortland Community College Amendment to Child Care Center Project Adopted [Unanimous]
documentResolution Printout
7795 : 2018 AEM Program Presented
a. 2018 AEM Notes
Chair's Report and Chair's Appointments
7779 : Advisory Board Appointments Appt'd by Chair
Report from the County Administrator
Report from the County Attorney
Report from the Finance Director
Resolutions Added to and Withdrawn from the Agenda
7761 : Award of Bid – Tompkins Center for History and culture Code and Building Improvements Project (Pending Committee action 4-17-18) Withdrawn
documentResolution Printout
Consent Agenda
7691 : Advisory Board Appointments Adopted By Consent Vote [Unanimous]
2018-76 : Amendment to Resolution No. 39 of 2018 to Modify Public Health Department Fiscal Target for Medical Examiner Program Restructuring Adopted By Consent Vote [Unanimous]
documentResolution Printout
2018-77 : Adoption of Cash Management and Investment Policy Adopted By Consent Vote [Unanimous]
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Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Housing Committee
Public Safety Committee
2018-78 : Resolution to Authorize the County Administrator to Execute the Memorandum of Understanding to Participate in the “Raise the Age” Compliance Coalition Adopted [Unanimous]
documentResolution Printout
2018-03-27 - RTA MOU memo
2018-03-27 - Intermunicipal Cooperation Agreement FINAL 2018 03 01
2018-79 : Enhancing Safety of County Facilities through Provision of Naloxone Adopted [Unanimous]
documentResolution Printout
2018-80 : A Resolution in Support of the Upcoming Gun Buyback Program Adopted [Unanimous]
documentResolution Printout
2018-81 : Resolution Urging the United States Congress to Enact a Law Mirroring Provisions of the Assault Weapons Ban of 2017 that Prohibits the Sale of Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines Adopted [12 to 1]
documentResolution Printout
2018-82 : Appropriation from Contingent Fund - Terminal-Pay Reimbursement - Department of Probation and Community Justice Adopted [Unanimous]
documentResolution Printout
2018-83 : A Resolution in Support of New York State Legislation Establishing a Third County Court Judge in Tompkins County Adopted [Unanimous]
Health and Human Services Committee
Facilities and Infrastructure Committee
Transportation Committee
Government Operations Committee
2018-84 : 2018 Membership Authorization and Appropriation from Contingent Fund - International City/County Management Association (ICMA) - County Administration Adopted [Unanimous]
documentResolution Printout
a. JMolino's ICMA Membership Memo
b. ICMA Code of Ethics
c. Future and Past ICMA Conferences
Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committee
Budget, Capital and Personnel Committee
Minutes of Previous Meeting
Minutes of Apr 3, 2018 5:30 PM Accepted [Unanimous]