Roll Call
Call to Order
Changes to the Agenda
Minutes Approval
Minutes of Mar 13, 2018 4:00 PM Accepted [Unanimous]
Minutes of Mar 20, 2018 5:20 PM Accepted [Unanimous]
Comments from the Public
2018-75 : Endorsing Tompkins Cortland Community College Amendment to Child Care Center Project Recommended [Unanimous]
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Update on Operating Budget Process
Committee Chair Report
Evaluation of Legislature Direct Reports
2018-82 : Appropriation from Contingent Fund - Terminal-Pay Reimbursement - Department of Probation and Community Justice Recommended [Unanimous]
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2018-76 : Amendment to Resolution No. 39 of 2018 to Modify Public Health Department Fiscal Target for Medical Examiner Program Restructuring Recommended [Unanimous]
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a. Reso_#39-2018_Restructure_Med_Examine
2018-77 : Adoption of Cash Management and Investment Policy Recommended [Unanimous]
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2018-84 : 2018 Membership Authorization and Appropriation from Contingent Fund - International City/County Management Association (ICMA) - County Administration Recommended [Unanimous]
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a. JMolino's ICMA Membership Memo
b. ICMA Code of Ethics
c. Future and Past ICMA Conferences
Committee Chair Report (Continued)
Evaluation of Legislature Direct Reports (Continued)
Director of Finance Report
County Administrator Report
Report from the Human Resources Commissioner
Report from Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Report from Public Information Officer