Roll Call
Call to Order
Changes to Agenda
7602 : Governor's Traffic Safety Committee - PowerPoint Presentation Deferred
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Privilege of the Floor
Comments from County Staff
Minutes Approval
Minutes of Jan 18, 2018 3:00 PM Accepted [Unanimous]
Chair's Report
County Administration
Sheriff's Office
7609 : January 2018 Jail Statistics Completed
a. January 2018 Jail Stats Report
b. Average Jail Stats Jan 2018
c. Monthly Admission Totals Jan 2018
d. Unsentenced Inmate Breakdown Jan 2018
7608 : Sheriff's Department Report - January 2018 Completed
a. January 2018 PSR
2018-58 : Authorization to Accept 2017 Homeland Security Grant and Budget Adjustment - Sheriff's Office Recommended [Unanimous]
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a. FY2017 DHSES Award
7603 : Budget Adjustment-Sheriff's Office- K-9 Program and Project Lifesaver Completed
documentBdgt Adj. & Transfers (Info. Only) Printout
a. K9 and Project Lifsaver Budget Adjustment 1-30-18
Department of Probation and Community Justice
2018-46 : Appropriation from Contingent Fund - Terminal-Pay Reimbursement - Department of Probation and Community Justice Recommended [Unanimous]
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2018-35 : Authorization to Accept an Award of a Grant from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services - Probation and Community Justice Department Recommended [Unanimous]
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a. Res to Accept Funds_IID Grant_Background Info Memo
7599 : Liaison Assignments (Non-Voting) Deferred
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7592 : Advisory Board Appointments Recommended [Unanimous]
Presentation - Raise the Age (RTA)
7600 : Raise the Age PowerPoint Presentation Completed
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a. RTA Powerpoint for Public Safety pdf